First Step towards the Horizon



That sounds dramatic doesn’t it.. too much? Maybe.. but then I am a bit of a drama llama.  Over the coming months there will be some changes happening at Fiberific!, nothing bad, nothing too scary, at least for you guys.. But the first thing is, I will be increasing my YouTube uploads to twice per week, Tutorial Tuesdays, and all the other bits in on Thursdays… I will be monitoring and tweaking how this goes, so there maybe movement.. I also planning a knit a long.. so keep your eyes peeled… in the mean time you can watch Today’s video on how we can all support our friends and local businesses without spending a cent 🙂 Clicking my picture will take you to the video or you can click here…





About Chantelle Hills

Owner and Commander at Fiberific! Love all things Fibre, Crochet ,Knit, Spin, stitcher, dyer and all round yarn craft addict. Also lots of nerdy things too!

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