Knee Surgery, means no driving

So tomorrow is they day… December 1.  I am going in for some minor knee surgery, which unfortunately means no driving for about a week.   I will be reliant on family to drop me into the office to pack orders… I am sorry to say, I can’t see me posting every day for about a week.. I am hoping to get in maybe 2 or 3 out of 5 possible days, so if you pop in an order over the next week or so it might be delayed a few day  from the usual outgoing mail. I am sorry to do this, but its the best of the options available. I hope you understand.


PS I hope you are all enjoying your discount codes! I am having fun coming up with them… one a week til Christmas, its my gift to all of you for supporting me over the years!

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Owner and Commander at Fiberific! Love all things Fibre, Crochet ,Knit, Spin, stitcher, dyer and all round yarn craft addict. Also lots of nerdy things too!

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