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Not going to Plan

Hi everyone… You remember how I planned to close the carts just to the items I was taking to the Craft and Quilt Fair this week.. well.. I can’t do it.

I am very sad about this.. and it means that while you all can have a look at what there is… I will need to close all shopping down from today Monday 3rd October 5pm until Monday 10th October at 2.30pm.


Sorry about this.. not a lot I can do..



What is going on!!!



Oh so nice of you to ask…snerk… Next week I will have my first ever stall at the Craft and Quilt Fair at Southbank (in Brisbane) It runs from October 5 to October 9! I will be at stall J06! You should absolutely come and say Hi!

Now while I am out living life large at Southbank, I will not be able to ship orders. But I am going to try something a bit different and just block sales on the things I will be taking with me.. So I will block all yarn, fibre and Chiaogoo, but everything else will be fine.. I hope.. ūüėČ Just take a few days longer to ship out..

Now for those of you going to the Craft and Quilt fair I have added in a temporary Free Post Collect at the Fair option to shipping! So if you want say Nancy’s knit knack yarn meter.. but you will be at the show.. I can bring it! And you can come and collect it! ¬†Or if you order this week and collect it at the show.. we can do that too!!! If you let me know what day you will be coming to the fair that would be super helpful too!!

See you there!!!

And the Winners Are……

1st Prize – Happy together shawl, hand knit and beaded be Moi.

Leonie Tewienk

2nd Prize – $100 worth of Fiberific Goodies

Margaret Pezzutti

3rd Prize – $50 worth of Fiberific Goodies

Laura Tangey

Congratulations to the Winners!!!!!

Mapleton Camp 29th to 31st July, I am going are you?

Hey Guys,

Get your forms in! I am booked into camp, bringing my little shop and also running a mini workshop! Are you thinking of coming, you should, its totally fun!! No cooking, just sitting spinning (insert weekend craft of your choice) for the whole weekend.. Heaps of laughter and show and tell! I love camp… and even though I decided to do no camps this year, I can’t help but go to Mapleton, its in my blood now! Camp for is below for you to download! Get it in People!! we are running out of time!!


Keep an Eye on the Sale! Tab

For sale items check out  Please note, there are limited sizes and quantities. Future orders will be at the full price.

I am slowly catching up on adding stock and dyeing yarn! Things are going a bit slower than planned as I spent a few days doing Easter Stuff with the Family then, last couple of days doing Birthday Things with the Little Miss.

I am gearing up for the Qld Spinners Open Day coming up on the new date of 7th May 2016! You should come and visit! I will be teaching a beginners crochet class too!

qld spinners open day 07052016




Spindling Silk Noil & Silk Noil Special!!

There has been some chatter of late about Silk Noil and support spindling, I had not thought to put the 2 together. ¬†So then I did! ¬† What happened next shocks even me! Rather that just write about it, I decided to FILM IT!!! What was I thinking! LOL.. I am all for spur of the moment! I got a camera… a spindle.. and some fluff what more do I need for a short vid chat about these cool things, I think what I really needed was 3 HANDS!! But I persevered… and I have a little demo of me… spindling… silk noil! I have given my self some notes after watching.. next time I will write a script.. or at least have some bullet points for me to follow!

What I failed to mention in this first ever video of mine, is that I am using a Lair of the Bearded Dragon, Turquoise Stone filled Tibetan spindle, also my bowl is from Lair of the Bearded dragon!

Oh And…

Mulberry Silk Noil in natural is $5 per 50g!  limited stock!





Birthday Week

Well this week is Fiberific’s 3rd Birthday! I know it is so hard to believe! I have been planning all the fun we are going to have on Saturday for our Spin in Being held at my home. ¬†Details are on the Facebook Group! Birthday Event. ¬†In celebration I will be giving away a hamper of over $200 worth of goodies to a lucky door winner on the day!

Other news just in.. call me Fiona Bruce..

I have some delicious blends now available, currently the are all au naturel.  They are beautiful in the natural form.  I have limited stock so first in and all that. You can find all my beauties on here!

If I don’t see you at mine on Saturday, I might see you at the next Camp, for me it will be the Gympie Fibre Retreat 2-4 October 2015

Well it is late, and I best be off to bed!



On my way to Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show

Hey Everyone,

Just a super quick note! I have disabled purchases on my site temporarily, you can still look you just can’t buy. I would hate to have a mix up and sell what you have ordered while being away. I will be updating my blog a couple of times while I am away, with pics of my travels and the like.. you can always follow the journey on my facebook page!