35mm 1 1/4″ Hand Made Pin Back Badges


Like you I love all things crafty and cute, and decided to give badges a go! I have been having a lot of fun with designs and colours

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

I craft therefore I hoard (white w Pinks), I craft therefore I hoard (white with Blues), Crafters Gonna Craft (white with Pinks), Crafters Gonna Craft (white with Blues), Hook & Yarn, Crochet Nerd, It's not hoarding (Pinks), It's not hoarding (Blues), If only Sarcacsm, Crochet Love, Creativity is intelligence, My Craft Room is (Oranges), My Craft Room is (Blues), Craft Like No One (Reds), Craft Like No One (Blues), Hands off my ballsack, Creativity is (Purples), Creativity is (Blues), Weapons of mass Creation, Crafting each day, Crafting before adulting (Pinks), Crafting before adulting (Blues), Crochet Queen, Crafting is cheaper than (reds), Crafting is cheaper than (Blues)

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