Majacraft Dynamic Heddle Loom Spares


Majacraft Dynamic Heddle Loom Spares


All your extra options for kitting out your Majacraft Dynamic Heddle Loom, extra heddles, shuttles, warp pegs and reed segments or sets

While Majacraft have discontinued the Dynamic Heddle Loom, parts and accessories are still available.

Majacraft being a New Zealand Business is having a mandatory close down for the next 4 weeks. And will not restart production or shipping until the 20th of April approximately. All waiting periods will start at this date.

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The reed segments are the key to the Dynamic Heddle loom. They are approximately 55mm (2″) long and the heddle will take up to nine segments. We currently produce 1DPI, 2DPI, 4DPI, 6DPI, 8DPI and 10DPI reed segments.  The heddle is the mount for the reed segments. It has rare earth magnets bonded into it that make the weaving action fast, easy and fun. A second heddle is necessary if you wish to do double heddle weaving.  The Majacraft designed shuttle is a different take on existing shuttle design. It is intended to be comfortable in the hand and reduces the chances of fluffy warp yarns from sticking and catching when passing through the shed. A second shuttle can be useful for complicated weaving projects.  The warp pegs screw into the holes in the warping frame on the back of the loom. They are available individually or in sets of five. These pegs are the same as those on the Majacraft skeiner so if you already have a skeiner then you have some warping pegs for your loom.

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Shuttle 240mm, Heddle, Reed Segment-1 Dent, Reed Set – 1 Dent, Reed Segment-2 Dent, Reed Set – 2 Dent, Reed Segment-4 Dent, Reed Set – 4 Dent, Reed Segment-6 Dent, Reed Set – 6 Dent, Reed Segment-8 Dent, Reed Set – 8 Dent, Reed Segment-10 Dent, Reed Set – 10 Dent, Combo Hook, Direct Warping Block, Warping Peg, Warping Peg 5 Pack


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