Majacraft Hand Cards


Majacraft Hand Cards


2 Bamboo Hand cards using  96tpi carding cloth. Great alrounder for so many fibre types.

This is a preorder, Hand cards are shipping in time for Christmas.

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These new Cards are a wonderful compliment to our existing fibre preparation tools, the Hand Combs, Blending Board, and Drum Carder.  We have created these hand cards with bamboo, offering a light weight carding experience that won’t tire you or strain your hands or wrists. The ergonomic shape to the handle follows through from the gentle curve of the card itself, making it easy to position and hold while in use.The  carding cloth is a good all-round 96 tpi, making these suitable for most kinds of wool carding and blending.

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Mini Comb Options

Comb System 2 Row, Comb System 1 Row, Wool Combs 2 Row, Wool Combs 1 Row, Diz


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