Nancy’s Knit Knacks Niddy Noddy


Nancy’s Knit Knacks Niddy Noddy


This hardwood Niddy Noddy can make skeins in 4 different sizes! 27″ sample skein, 1,1.5 and 2 yard skeins! It comes packaged in its very portable and washable denim bag!  Its long-lasting build makes it a must-have for the spinner, especially those who travel with their craft!

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Virtually every Niddy Noddy that Nancy has ever owned, either broke or fell apart during use. Some of these units were very attractive and you could tell that a craftsperson had put a lot of time into the appearance of the unit. Unfortunately, the prettier they were, the weaker they were sometimes.
Some of the units were very plain and tried to perform the basic Niddy Noddy functions. However, regardless of whether they were pretty or plain, expensive or inexpensive, most either failed to solidly stay together, broke, or simply fell apart. Many times, this was due to the fact that the designer relied on connecting two pieces of wood together based on a friction fit. Wood changes significantly with the humidity level, unfortunately, and many wood joints will not consistently hold under different environmental conditions. We have avoided these problems in our design because we use wood to do what wood is good for, and then we rely on steel to hold things together.

Although our unit has hand turned cross-arms, we have not spent an excessive amount of time or cost on making them look elegant.  Even though the design of our unit is attractive, you will not see any unnecessary turnings. Instead, we focused on providing a highly functional unit which will last a long time and will not fail to perform its intended function.
The unit has an oil stain finish which properly protects the wood.
The unit is made from 1″ diameter birch hardwood which is turned on a lathe to achieve the right taper. Because we paid special attention to the potential failure points (the cross-arms), we designed the unit to have the maximum 1″ thickness at the critical connection point – where the cross-arms meet the handle. The design of the cross-arms is capable of taking the various stresses of the yarn as it wraps around the Niddy Noddy.


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