Nancy’s Knit Knacks Swift and Skein Winder Optional Extra’s


Optional extra’s and spares for Nancy’s Knit Knacks Swifts and Skein Winders.  Both have the same basic hardware, if you decide you want to upgrade your swift to a skein winder then you could buy an erc and or a motor.

If you have a few Nancy’s Knit Knacks Items you plan to order, please email me on and we can see if we can make a package deal for you!


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Floor Stand, Motor kit, Table Top Mount, Flexi-Skeiner Complete Upgrade Kit For Double Skeins, Flexi-Skeiner Complete Kit For Triple Skeins, Triple Yarn Guide Assy For Table Top Use, Yarn Pet Trio, Cone Version, 2 Belts For Motorized Skein-Winder


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