Nancy’s Knit Knacks Yarn Pet


Nancy’s Knit Knacks Yarn Pet


Yarn Pet™ – finally, a pet that works for YOU! Hardwood construction, measures 10cm x 15cm”. Can hold yarn balls and cones of yarn. Has an integrated adjustable tensioner and yarn guide. Available in 3 heights and optional YP Cone Kit is also available which will enhance the user’s ability to hold most cones securely.

Using Nancy’s Knit Knacks Yarn Pet™ to hold cones of yarn vertically eliminates the traditional problem of having twist added to your yarn as it comes off a cone on the floor or below your work area. It does this by removing the yarn horizontally from the rotating cone prior to re-directing the yarn overhead. The Yarn Pet freely turns on its own super low friction mounting system.



P Cone Kit – includes a 2″ wooden disc, 2 steel washers, and 2 steel collars. To be used with the Yarn Pet’s standard hardware to hold most cones securely on the rod. Also included are 2 differently sized rubber stoppers which are the preferred way to center the cones on the rod.

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Yarn Pet 17cm, Yarn Pet 21cm, Yarn Pet 28.5cm, Yarn Pet Duo, Yarn Pet Cone Kit


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