Tantech Fibre Scour


Tantech Fibre Scour


Fibre Scour (Woolscour) is formulated to remove the ‘grease’ from wool and other natural fibres prior to spinning. Fibre Scour is recommended under the Merinomark & AlpacaMark. ¬†Fibre Scour is based on our Woolskin Sheepskin but has increased grease dispersing properties which removes the heavy lanolin grease in newly shorn wool. Fibre Scour leaves the fleece soft and clean, ready for spinning.

Please note th 5 litre bottles are unable to be shipped internationally. (30/11/2020)



Tantech makes some wonderful fibre treatment products that can clean and treat your wools, silks, and other natural materials for spinning and other crafting activities. The solution is safe to touch and doesn’t produce any irritating fumes or vapors. As a person with asthma, this could not be more important to me. As you can see in the video, the results speak for themselves. If you’ve been looking for something to make clean your fibres a breeze, I highly recommend Queensland’s own Tantech Fibre Scour!

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