Who is Fiberific!

My name is Chantelle Hills. I love to spin, knit, crochet, pretty much anything that involves yarn or fibre, I will give it a go. Fiberific! Came about mostly due to selfish reasons, I wanted to buy a spinning wheel, I realised very early on that other than a few very popular brands, there were no wheels local that I could test spin. I figured, I can’t be the only person around who wants to play with fun new wheels, so in 2012 Fiberific! was born. The business has really grown, and now not only do I have wheels, but also lots of other cool tools and products too. As things have grown, I have enlisted the slave labour of both my daughter and mother, and the bevvy of beauties who help me out when I crumple to the ground in exhaustion/frustration/(insert any other thing that could make me chuck a tantrum). I hope you enjoy all these fun things as much as I do!

Over the years things have changed at Fiberific, no longer dyeing yarn or importing the tools I love so much other than Majacraft in which I have a serious soft spot, I am focussing on digital media, Our wonderful community on the Youtube Channel, Facebook Group (fiberific fun zone) and very soon more articles here. Changing the blog from a random post, to an interesting tidbit.

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