Back to School Tomorrow!

I have loved having the little person home, and she has been having a great holiday, we did lots of stuff, but I think it is good that it is back to school tomozipan.  One thing that we did, that was completely unexpected was a knitting lesson, the little person is 6 and last time we had a knitting lesson, she got so frustrated she had a tanty and snapped her ducky knitting needles, I realised that was  about a year ago.  So when she demanded her lesson Thursday arvo, I thought “Give her the cheap needles” noo… I though “Ok, its worth another try”.  Well much to her happiness and mine, we had a “by Jove I think she’s got it moment”  We started with a row I had cast on and I knit the next row, then LP took over and she has done a row or two everyday since.  I can tell you that there are worse ways to wake up than having your LP tapping you saying help me get my knitting started at 6.00AM grrrr lol.

So whats cooking for this week?  I am going to give my knitting machines a once over, its been a good few months since they were last used.  I have finished off the Mooloolaba Shells I was working on in hand painted silk, and I am halfway through another on in Bamboo Cotton (this one is for me..YAY)  I have a couple of little projects that I want to get finished up, a sparkly top for the LP, some socks for DH, I have a couple of commissions coming up, so I want to clear off the deck a bit.  I am also ironing uniforms (ugh) and other school things for the LP for tomorrow.

Have a great week and get some Fiber into your day!

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