Happy Mothers Day To all of you!!

Every Mothers Days is a big day of introspection for me, My first thought is how much I love my Mum, and how I am so happy that she is still a big part of my life. I can luckily call her when I want and talk to her.  I know not everyone is in the same boat.  And I have to remind myself how lucky I really am that I can do this.

I also grew up and befriended many wonderful strong women, who were either friends of my Mum, or just came into my life in other ways. And Mothers Day also brings them to my mind.  While I know many people think of Mothers Day as just people who have physically become mothers, I also think about those women, who are not my Actual Mum, but also mothered me anyway, gave me good or not so good advice 😉

But also it is for us, that birthed the next generation… wow that sounds important, but I really just do try not to let her die, you know don’t jump off the roof onto the trampoline, and don’t make skateboard ramps using things that can move… and no you can’t make a bike jump by digging holes in the front yard…

So here’s to all of us! For not letting the small people in our lives die!

Comment Below, what is Mothers Day to you?

This weekend I am still getting over the tail end of being sick all week.  I plan on sitting back with some knitting or crochet in my lap and My Laptop casting Craftsy to the tv.  During the Chrismas break I bought a Craftsy Unlimited Subsription (SO GLAD I DID) but if you don’t have the full subscription you can still join in with the Mothersday Watchalong on Craftsy, Where you can watch all the things All weekend, empty the house, and sit back with your feet up and enjoy!

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  1. What mothers day means to me,💟 I have been the daughter, loving and learning love from my mum, I’ve also been the mum teaching and giving the love to my children, Next I became a mother-in-law, and am loving another mums children as my own.Now I cherish my greatest role of grandmother, this is where all the loving and learning, the teaching and giving comes to an apex, where your heart is so full of love for all around you, past and present. Heart breakingly I lost my mum before becoming a grandmother myself.Tomorrow i will laugh and yes shed a tear or two, but mostly I will have my eyes wide open and be listening with my heart. 🌷🌷Happy Mothers Day🌷🌷to all and may the day bring peace and kind thoughts x x x

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