Post Bendigo, sickness and delays.

I am not sure if you caught my little live streams that I did while I was at the Australian Sheep and Wool show, it was cold on the Sunday, and I was being very naughty,

I had a lot of fun at Bendigo, It was wonderful meeting so many of you! Putting real human faces to names and handles was awesome!

I want give a huge shoutout to Emma, who is my every trusty side kick at the Sheep and wool show, she keeps me fed and coffeed (she doesn’t spit in every cup).  She keeps me sane, but encouraging my insanity.  We laugh so much that it doesn’t feel like work.

My 2 day drive home was uneventful, just how I like it!

After getting home and finding my daughter sick, I had to slow my plans down a little, mum duties do come first, especially when the girl is sick.  I worked at getting my website updated and reopened.  And got the first round of reordering done, then promptly went downhill.

My dear daughter had shared her cold with me.  So we both had colds, then we both had the flu.  And you know how that goes, fevers, chills, and all that jazz.  I am sorry to say that everything took a backseat. I was laid up in bed for what felt like MONTHs, even though in reality I know it was more like 10 days. But in that 10 days No orders were sent, or made.  So I am behind. Really really behind.  But I am on the mend now, so today, I am aiming to start working on the backlog.  Orders out are my priority.  For those of you patiently waiting, I appreciate you patience and I will be adding in a little thank you for your forbearance.

I will be updating over the next few days as I catch up on things and reschedule things.

Thanks for your understanding guys


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