Pricing Changes post 1 July 2018

Hi Everyone,

I am writing this to let you know of some changes that have happened and  that will be happening over the coming weeks.  The Australian Government, in its wisdom, have made some changes to a few things as at 1 July 2018.  The first being thaT they are charging GST to ALL items being imported into the country, I have tried very hard over the years to get orders in under various thresholds, unfortunately there are no longer any for me to avoid.  This means that I will be increasing prices, I will only be increasing the prices as I order in new stock, so current stock will be keeping its prices, so there could be a bargain or 2 to nab.

Its important to me that you know that I try as hard as possible to give you the best prices I can, and I am highly offended by these changes, and with the decreasing Australian Dollar it has made it that bit harder.

The other changes are do to with Yarn and Fiber imports, as yet, I have not tested my suppliers to see if we can get these in, but from what I am hearing from other dyers and local businesses, some yarns and fibers are not being allowed past the border, due to new paperwork requirements. So we will just have to wait and see.


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