Majacraft Wood Bobbin Jumbo


Majacraft Wood Bobbin Jumbo


The jumbo bobbins have a large capacity and can be used in conjuction with a plying flyer, Wild Flyer or Aura Hybrid flyer. Like all our wood bobbins they are made using bamboo and fibreglass so will match your other Majacraft bobbins. You can ply up to two standard bobbins of yarn onto the Jumbo bobbin or you can spin longer yarns when using it with a Wild Flyer or Aura Hybrid flyer.

Majacraft being a New Zealand Business is having a mandatory close down for the next 4 weeks. And will not restart production or shipping until the 20th of April approximately. All waiting periods will start at this date.

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The Majacraft bobbin range has been created to be both attractive and functionally excellent. The standard plastic bobbins are robust and very versatile. Our wooden bobbins have lightweight fibreglass cores and laminated bamboo bobbin ends. They have polymer bearings that provide extremely smooth spinning and excellent durability. Each wooden bobbin is individually hand-turned so you know you are buying something unique. All bobbins will fit on any of our wheels. The extensive selection caters for all types of spinning styles, from the finest cotton or silk to hemp and novelty yarns.


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Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 11 cm


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