Queen Cal Is Finished! What will I do with my Crafting life now!

I bought the Queen Cal Pattern By Tinna Thorudottir Thorvalsdottir in Late August 2020, It was a Cal, a Crochet a long, due to start a month later, I looked over the options, and decided to not go with one of the beautiful kits, post to Australia was pretty prohibitve, sometimes costing just as much as the yarn. I love the Brava from KnitPicks so went with a yarn I know I loved to use.

The plan. I had never made anything mosaic crochet, I did the test piece that Tinna suggested… and went with A Queen bed sized queen… And using different yarn. I had to do the matherydo. Which I am not very good with. I went with Traditional Queen pattern in the Large Horizontal, which meant adding in 2 extra repeats to the pattern. I ordered my yarn from knit picks and was ready to go when it started… and then Life was busy and things were happening, and I just couldn’t keep up. Then it got hot… working on such a big blanket in an Queensland Summer was too much for me… so I put it aside… finally picked it up 6 months later.

The Back Border With Scraps

After some quick messages back and forward with Tinna, I had persmission to work on it during my live streams, so that’s what I did. Nearly every week for over a year. and I realised… that was the only time I was working on it 2-3 rows a week… needing to make over 350 rows.. it took a long time. The amazing support and encourage from the Fiberific Community pushed me through the tough times of all that yellow. and as I got towards the end the excitement of knowing I was nearly done kicked in, I started putting in a bit of extra work outside of the streams. But I saved the last row of the mosaic for a live, during that live we decided that rather than risk running out of the purple I would use up the scraps of colours on the back border, and go the purple on the front. I did end up with 200g of the purple left over, so I would probably go with the last row of the back purple too if you were going to give this a go.

The last stitch of the border was also worked on during a live and it was such a joy . It is done. I still don’t know if I will need to hit the laundromat to wash and dry it. The cat won’t get off it so i can try stuffing in the machines. But it is all done.

The recomendations that make it this page will only every be products that I trust. In saying this it is important for you to know, where I possibly can, I register as an affiliate for the products, tools, softwares and services I use. Many of the links that will be shared on this page are affiliate links.  This means if you click the link and make a purchase I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

My shopping list to make my queen.

Brava Worsted Yarn from Knit Picks

2 each of the colours

Lady Slipper

Eggplant Brava Worsted Yarn 22 balls

Initially, realised I did not math that right and only ordered 12 balls but had to order another 10 balls. (the eggplant is available in the 500g balls so I would go that way, much better value)


As a clover tragic I used the Clover Amour 5mm for the body https://geni.us/2T8DyN

4.5mm for the border https://geni.us/etYti

Quick lock stitch markers medium , as they look like little sheeps and they are adorable, https://geni.us/vsuVTc

Orange Chibi’s for weaving in (I love the bent tips) and some scissors for all the snipping. https://geni.us/CYEEs

and some scissors for all the snipping.

If you decide to have a go with the queen, let me know I would love to see pictures! Tag @fiberific on instagram!

Tibbles Approved. Mrow.
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