The Lead Up!

Only 1 week til the Highfield spinners camp!  And I am really excited!  Look at my over use of exclamations!!!!!!! see…excited!!

I have been a busy busy bee getting everything ready and working out how to display it all so it looks pretty. And I realised that over the last few weeks, I have been looking at gorgeous spinning and touching completely heavenly fibres…and yet… I have spun nothing. So this week I could cope no longer and I dug out the spinning wheel and made some space amongst all the the goodies that are getting ready for camp and did some spinning!  YAY ME!

Do you remember when I made the floofly clouds of mohair back in late August with the hand combs I got for my birthday….

They started as

to this

to this

and now it is this

Approx 125m and 25g.

I have enjoyed this process so much!! I can’t wait to see what it will become!

I have even begun spinning some pygora!! YUM!!

While I was packing all the bags of gorgeous fibre for camp and was so restrained.. so very restrained, but then I came across a delicious braid… I swear I think it was taunting me to spin it… so I gave in and I have begun spinning one of Ixchelbunny’s  Churro Bunny braids (90% Navajo Churro 10% Angora)  I am loving it, completely loving.  I have a nice pile of this in a lot of different colours all packed and ready for camp!

both the colour and the feel!

My plan is to navajo ply it, I don’t really know what I will make, but I am sure it will be warm and pretty!

The big shop announcement for this week

ChiaoGoo Needles are now in stock!

I am not going to bombard you with 20 million photos, I will however link my Flickr account which has some pics.

In stock we have

6″ Stainless Steel Dpn’s sizes 0-11 (2mm – 8mm)
40″ Red Lace Circulars sizes  0-11 (2mm – 8mm)
40″ Bamboo Circulars sizes 0-11 (2mm – 8mm)
Metal Head bamboo handle crochet hooks sizes 16-J  (0.6mm to 6mm)

if you would like more information on these or any other items, please contact me on


Fiberific will be at 
Highfields Spinning camp 9-11 Nov 2012
Gold Coast & Hinterland Spinners 14 Nov 2012

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