There and Back again….Not a Hobbits story.

What a day, what a wonderful day.  I had a little sleep in until about 7.30ish….. believe me with our little person, that is a sleep in of sorts… Then up and off for a road trip!

We went to Jenny King Designs… about 1 hr and 45 mins from our place, it was raining and the traffic rolled… turned out trip into more like 2 and 30 mins.. but it was worth it!!

I realised I have no photo’s! Jenny had so much show and tell for me, she has so many gorgeous patterns on the go, I don’t know how she does it!!!  So much trying on by all of us girls including my little Abbie!! And just about every customer who came through the door also got to try on the new patterns! It was so much fun.  I think that what made it even more fun for me was not having a timer on… On a regular day, I drop Abbie at school hit the road by about 8.30 get up to Jenny’s by about 10.15, hang out until about 12.30ish and then head home and pray for a good run in the traffic to get back to pick Abbie up at 3pm.  But Abbie is on Holidays!!! Sweeeeeeeeet! Jenny eventually got rid of us at 6pm, we got home at about 7.45 and now Abbie is bed, Hubby is watching telly and I am here writing.

It has been pretty hot here this week… at least hotter than I like it anyway.  So I have not been as productive as I would have liked… I have also been spending some time with Miss Abbie doing fun things… as she has just had her First week of School holidays!

While I was out and about today, I got carded by Australia Post! So Tomorrow I am off to the post office to pick up a parcel, it is my next ChiaoGoo Order. I can’t wait! I have a few things to post out tomorrow too! Which is also very exciting, a swap pressie for one of the Namaste Farm Rav Group Girls, will have something special boarding a plane very soon!   I am not posting a pic, because it needs to be a surprise!

The plans for this week coming include going to the post office and picking up the ChiaoGoo parcel full of knitting and crochet goodies

Playing with my Abbie making friendship Bracelets.

Oh and working out what I want to put in my first Nancy’s Knit Knack order, if you have anything that you would like to have a go of let me know, so far I think there may be an Handy Andy Plying tool

some Dpn Wip Tubes

and maybe even a yarn meter or 2…

Let me know what you would like to see in the next delivery box!!!

Have a great week, try to keep cool!


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