This week is done…..

Since the last time we chatted, I have been to Highfields Spinners and Weavers camp and also been down to  do a talk and demo with the Gold Coast Spinners.  I have dyed A LOT of mohair and now Abbie is obsessed with mohair as much as I am, she is always on my case to make a new colour. She now realises that patience is most definitely required in the washing and dying process.

So why don’t we start with The Highfields Spinners and Weavers camp.  I want to shout out a big THANK YOU to Karen for all her help!  It was my first run with tables and trellis’.  I will certainly allow more time for set up when I don’t have such a wonderful helper around!

My awesome Helper Karen still working….while I take pics….feeling guilty much…
The Wall of Colourful Awesomeness!

Highfields is a gorgeous town not too far from Toowoomba, and the spot for the camp was gorgeous! Overlooking bush and gully’s I wish I had more pics!  But I was having too much fun spinning and enabling everyone!  There are more people in the world who have touched cashmere fling! If you haven’t yet gotten your hands on some of this pure pleasure, then you just better do it!!  It had previously been very dry, but they got some much needed rain while we were there.  I even had a lame attempt at taking a photo of the fog as I went to go to bed on Saturday night.

said lame attempt…

In stock I had lots of gorgeous Ixchel fibre combo’s including the divine Cashmere Fling and the King of the lofty, Angorino!  It was the first offline showing of the Chiaogoo range as well.  Lots of Bags by Carla and plenty of Stitch markers!

I got all the way there and was setting up the wheels only to realise that I had snapped a driveband on the SpinOlution Hopper, so he had lots of pats but no test spins!  It was the wheel I had planned to spin on over the weekend, so I had to choose another wheel, it was a very hard choice, but I went with the Road Bug Double Treadle, It was my first real long spin on one and I loved it! I spun one of the decadent Cashmere Flings, and also started on another blend, the BFL Kid Mohair and Angora, it really wants to be Laceweight!!

BFL Kid Mohair Angora

Cashmere Fling

So after a much eventful weekend I got in my brum and drove home via Spring Bluff where Karen Made me eat a whole piece of Caramel and Macadamia slice… Karen is a bad influence on me and I would never have eaten that if she hadn’t have made me……not… no pic’s of this decadence thank goodness…

Since I have been home it has been washing and dying and combing mohair…. have a look at all the pretty colours… Pics taken by my Abbie

I think I should let her take the pics more often!!

Amongst the washing a dying today, I have been hard at work on the website.  I can’t imagine it will be toooo much longer. Was a good day to not be outside, it got quite warm here today Hit 31 degrees C.

Events coming up!

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