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Hi Everyone!

Fiberific! has uploaded its first Unboxing video. I had a Chiaogoo Order Arrive and thought surely I can’t be the only one who gets excited about new things. So I made a video! All the new stock is up on the website and can be ordered now.  I will also be posting out the preorders over the next 2 days as well!

I will be creating a lot more content in the coming months, videos on how I use some of the equipment I sell, maybe some short ones of me talking about what I am working on and what I am excited about.  If you want to see something in particular, please leave a comment either here on the blog, in the comments section of the youtube video or facebook.

I am really excited about these videos, but also very nervous too.  But mostly excited.

I hope you like this one and the others that are coming!



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