What a week!  It has been a week of new things and Parcels!

On Saturday I managed to make it to my local spinning guild,  I picked up a new dye colour, a gorgeous blue, which I think I might use to dye some grey corriedale fleece that I have.  I also got to hire an Ashford Knitters loom… and hasn’t that opened up a new world to me, a whole new language of warps, wefts, and heddles.  I needed some help.  It has been a good 2 years since I have someone hold my hand through a warp.  So I got onto the trusty Craftsy.com to see if they had anything to offer, and they did oh did they!!!! Rigid Heddle Weaving with Angela Tong.  I love how Angela steps you through everything, it is a great beginners class!!! I recommend it highly to anyone wanting to learn to weave!

I thought, first time around, lets use up some yarn that has been hanging out here, so some commercial sock yarn and some handspun cheese from Nundle Woollen Miles which I hand dyed.

So with the help of my trusty laptop, I got a little table runner done…. not being happy with that, I decided, I wanted a scarf.  So some Bendigo woollen mills Luxury 4 ply in black as the warp and my favourite Yarn in the world Ixchel Sock yarn   So yummy….but weaving uses different muscles, and I ended up needing a weaving break. I am nearly to the end


So I moved onto some knitting.  I am not know for sitting and doing nothing.  So I added more rows on my Ravellenic Shawl. I am about 80 rows through.  I really don’t think I am going to get it done before the Olympics is over.  But at least I will end up with a gorgeous shawl.

I am soo not a glutton for punishment, but I did sign up for the Laura Nelkin  Mystery Trapeze Shawl.  Clues start really soon!!  And my awesome Merino Silk Yarn arrived from Ixchelbunny today!!! It is the most awesome blue called Ocean! I love love love it! Can’t wait til I feel better and can go bead shopping!

So I have caught a cold, focusing on lace knitting is getting harder and I decided to have a day of nothing rare but not unheard off.  I even had a little sleep after I dropped my daughter off at school.  I am so so happy that I woke up for the courier… I had 2 of the most awesome parcels arrive.  Parcel 1 was the parts I needed to repair my new barely used Schacht Sidekick wheel.  Bill from Copper Moose, is my go to guy for all things equipment great prices and AMAZING service!  I know that I have mentioned this a few times now, but if you are ever in the market for a wheel or equipment, you just have to check out his site!

So now I have my Sidekick and even though I feel like death warmed up, I HAD to spin something, you know just to make sure that I go the repair right! I am spinning up some BFL Bunny Kid mohair from the gorgeous Ixchelbunny!

I have been on a major spinning kick and I have decided to make my yarns available to you!

I have one 50g approx 132m skein of hand spun Baby Camel Yak Blend for $25 plus postage.

and one 50g approx 150m skein of hands spun Camel Bunny and silk blend for $25 plus postage.

if you are interested you can contact me on chantelle.hills@gmail.com

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