4 More Sleeps Til Christmas!


Now for those of your in another part of the world, no snow….no cold….eggnog not a big thing… we don’t need things to keep us warm it is SUMMER!! We have icy cold drinks… and kids running around under hoses eating zooper dupers! (um ice blocks).  But we still have kids getting up at stupid o’clock jumping on parents screaming “SANTA CAME SANTA CAME” with parents smiling and dragging their sorry butts out of bed!

Christmas is my all most absolute favourite time of the year.. I love the decorations, the hype, the food, the songs, the get togethers.. And check my temp, but I LOVE picking out Christmas pressies, whether they are shop bought or hand made.  I love thinking about the person I am choosing for and trying to pick something that they would love.  I try not to do it in a mad rush, but there is always one that I miss and have to run about for like a headless chicken… I think I did ok this year.  Still a few days for me to remember that one that I have possibly forgotten.. I will not get sidetracked from my blog and write a list lol…. maybe after…

Now as I am in full Christmas mode, playing and cooking and hanging out with my daughter… (who as I type here is riding her bike up and down the driveway waiting very not patiently as I promised we would make White Christmas with her)

It was a little bit like an early Christmas for me this week, a parcel arrived from Ixchebunny.  It was chocker full of Cashmere Flings!!! I LOVE CASHMERE FLING…made up of Cashmere 5% Tencel 40% Glitz 40% Bamboo 15%, it is the softest most delicious thing you have ever felt..  At the shows, I would just pass one of these to a bored looking husband… and their eyes would light up, and they would be in… looking through things, making suggestions to their spinning partners…it was so wonderful to see…. I  think it could possibly be my  favourite of the Ixchel Blends.

As this is the Last Blog before Christmas I thought I should have a special Christmas treat for you.  I have here at Fiberific the Last of the cashmere fling… IN THE WORLD… I am not kidding… Not even Ixchelbunny herself has any.  There will be not be any more available until 2013 and when the blend does come through, it will be at a new price… unfortunately even fibres get hit with inflation.

Cashmere Fling
100g $24 plus postage.
I have limited numbers of each!
1 left


La Llorona
1 left

If you would like to snaffle a christmas special email me at chantelle@fiberific.com.au I will send an invoice and bank details, and post out as soon as possible… can’t have you waiting too long for your pretties now can I?

I would like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! to you and yours from Me and mine!!!

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