And Christmas is OVER…..sad…

I love Christmas time and now it is done for another year….. Everyone is slowly going back to work.. kids will be back to school in a few weeks and it will be back to the same routines again… but not for me… I have decided that I am going to change things up just a little for me this year.  Not a resolution or any such thing that I can lament that I have blown when the new year comes around.  But more of a system tweak lol.  I tend to be very much go with the flow.  But this year, I am going to make some things happen.  Fiberific is a new business and it needs some energy poured in to make it grow and be happy and flourish, so this year.. energy it is.. into everything I do.

One thing is to get the web store up and running.. and to help with that my DH bought me a very thoughtful gift of a Portable Photo Studio and Lighting Kit… I am still learning to use it and also remembering that I have it lol… I keep taking pics with out it, even though it is set up and ready to go.. but I love it and so does my daughter, I was going through the camera looking for pics for this blog and I found that she has been enjoying it ALOT… so many pics of her Monster High Dolls and Lego Friends, all in the Light box lol….

It has a grey and blue cloth to go in it for background and is LOTS OF Fun!! Awesome Christmas Pressie hey! I also got a Wii game I have been hanging out for for ages… Kirby’s Epic Yarn!!! Woot!!!!

Now as some of you know I love a little website called Ravelry… some may even say I am addicted to it… I would not agree of course.  But this year I opted in to a Secret Santa Swap and I was a very lucky lady. I received my box just after Christmas so was like Christmas all over again.. gotta love that.  And when I opened it, I was shocked and excited. The amazing PixieDuncan from Ravelry had made me a set of her awesome Pixie Claws! Handcrafted out of Cedar, they smell divine!

and a Pixie Diz

and because combs and a diz are not quite complete with out fibre, Pixie also added in some stunning Cormo cross Shetland Fleece… which combed up wonderfully I might add.  And as you all know me, it doesn’t matter how many things I have on the go. I got a new toy and just had to play with it.  So I carefully washed the fleece and let it dry and the next day I dug out some out knitting machine clamps and clamped it to the table on my back patio.

and got stuck in. While I was working on this Abbie decided that it was ok out on the patio in 35 degree heat that would be 95F for some others.  And she proceeded to build a Lego Friends Community on the other end of the table.

  Loading up the Pixie Claws
Dizzing off the Fibre
All Done and dusted.. and look you can even see a bit of Lego Friends Village too!
And when you have a great bucket of beautiful cormo cross shetland roving, there really is only one thing you can do with it!
 I decided to give the wonderful Hopper a run! I am completely in love with it!! Has nothing to do with the fact that I sell Hoppers… which I do.. and if you would like to have a test spin, contact me and if you are nearby, I can certainly arrange it for you!
Now it may look like I haven’t done much, but in reality I only have about an hours worth spinning left to go… it is important to remember that the Bobbins for the hopper hold 225g (8 ounces) of fibre quite easily!
I am looking forward to plying and dying this one, will hopefully have pics for your next week!!!
Now those of you that are visitors of my Fiberific Facebook page may have noticed earlier this week I popped some photo’s up of some new stitch markers!! These can be ordered from either emailing me on or PM’ing me on facbook!
This week I have talked a lot about how much I love my Hopper!
If you would like to have your own Hopper to love and pet and call George, then  you have to read on!
SpinOlution have a Winter Special (well it is winter for the US isn’t it)
The Ultimate Art Yarn Hopper Works Package for $1550.00 including shipping to Australia!.  
This includes:
  • Hopper Travel wheel with art yarn set up
  • 3 x 8oz  bobbins (225g)
  • additional tube orifice bar for 8oz flyer
  • Plus the Over sized Art Yarn Flyer (OSAY)
  • 4 x 32oz bobbins (910g)
  • additional tube orifice bar for OSAY Flyer
  • Plus an extra flyer head for easy change of flyer’s.
  • Skein Winder
  • Lazy Kate
  • and…an Extra Drive Band set
This total package would cost over $1950.00….
Completely AWESOME!!!
Well I am off, I really need to finish spinning up the roving… least of all so I can take the HUGE bucket back outside… might make the lounge look a bit tidier lol! Or not heheh.

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