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The amazing Danielle from Raxor Yarns had an idea, and she ran with it today is the day! From 9 am today Friday the 17th of July until 5pm Monday 20th of July the Big Wiool Show is on full swing.

And of course when Fiberififc is releasing a new thing on conjunction with the Big Wool Show, for the last 12 months or so I have had quite a few requests for rainbow sock kits, now as these were originally made in our much loved by no longer available Sunflower Sock yarn, I had to start again. So with all of you in mind, I have created the 2020 Rainbow Sock Kit. Is 13 new colours + DamieLou (a gorgeous soft purple, it fit perfectly in the range so I just had to include it)f on the Delicious Fiberific Pegasus sock yarn.

Coming up the 13 new colours will all be added to our repeatable range, And if I have made it too hard for you to chose, I am making available our first Mini Mega Pack with all 14 colurs in 25g mini skeins! Keep your eyes peeled for that over the next few days!

Well its a big day and I am off to do some things. If you want to catch up I will be live on youtube on the Big Wool Show Youtube channel from 10am-2pm for the duration of the sale

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