Our Plan for the upcoming weeks of Isolation.

Hello Fiberifians!
With all that is happening around the world and here at home due to Covid19, I have not wanted to overwhelm you with more talk or emails. Have you received email from companies you have no idea about and services how’s did they have my email. I have!

Here are Fiberific, I have gone into self imposed mostly isolation. As you know I have chronic asthma and currently my lung capacity is at about 70% so I’m looking after myself 😉. I was tested for covid19 after returning from New Zealand and as at 18/3 I am Negative, yay.

So what does this mean. Well it means only I am packing parcels, all benchs and work surfaces are being wiped regularly, I am washing my hands regularly. So online ordering is still available, but I’m only posting 1-2 times per week to lessen potential exposure.

Unfortunately, this pandemic has closed down a lot of things, including my in person sales events and some of my overseas suppliers including Majacraft and Chiaogoo. These are only temporary, but as this had also had a serious effect of the Australian Dollar over the coming days I will be increasing prices on the Website for Chiaogoo & Nancy’s Knit Knacks for back ordered items. I am monitoring the dollar carefully to try to give you all the best price. In-stock items will keep their current pricing!

As I will be doing less in person things, I will be doing more online things!!!

Zoom craft groups!
Tuesday 12:30 pm Brisbane time
Nightly at 7pm Brisbane time.

YouTube Live
Thursday 10am Brisbane Time.

I am definitely open to more times if you have some suggestions 😉
I hope you all take care and look after yourselves and families.

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