Mental Week

no really, has it been 2 weeks, I am such a baaad person.. I completely did not realise that I had not popped a post up for last week.  And so much has been happening!!!

Well lets start out with Miss Megs.  Miss Megs and I went to school together oh so many years ago, and we caught up recently using the technology of FACEBOOK…ooooohhhh I hear you say.  Turns out Miss Megs has always wanted to learn how to crochet, and funnily enough I TEACH CROCHET lol.  So we got together, and do you know what, I think Miss Megs crocheted in a previous life, she is a natural soaking up the single crochet like you wouldn’t believe.  Believe it!  Meg has moved on from her single crochet facewasher that she has taken to calling Florida. as somehow it turned into a map of Florida, I know weird.  But moving on and so has Megs, she is now making Sebastian Le hamster, from Mr Funky’s Super Crochet Wonderful, really it is the name of the book, I know Awesome!  Sebastion is on the left, handsome devil too.

oh and this is Miss Megs working so very hard getting started on Sebastian….ignore the chocolate… I said Ignore it… Oh now I want some chocolate!!
Moving on to other non chocolate related things.
Lincraft my local chainstore craft shop had a sale.  One I could not walk past.  Really who can walk past a yarn store sale.  If you said me, I doubt your sincerity!
Anyway I would like to Introduce the newest member of the Fiberific! Family
Heather Smallhead
“What have you done today to make you feel proud”
Well Heather, Heather Smallhead, I dressed you, you were Nekid! How Rude and now you have one of my t-shirts ( I only wish it looked as good on me) and my latest creation.  As in last blog post, Peppercorn, Designed by my good rockin’ buddy Jenny King!
Well I need to crack on with the next outfit for Heather, and I am of to Jenny King Designs tomorrow, Road Trip!!! I love my visits, she has a new yarn called Winter Sun, apparently I must pet it and so I must.
Have a great week!

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