Those Days

You know those days when you want to throw your mobile phone on the ground and stomp on it.  I am having one of those days.  Luckily for me it has not been one of those weeks.  I have been hitting the WIP pile and have finished off 2 projects, and nearly finished a third, but have started another lol..

I love my little Peppercorn top, I have worn it 3 times since i finished it off, it is a great little modesty cover!

I also finally finished my Kauni Cardigan, in Lotus Yarns Autumn Wind
I am nearly finished my Mooloolaba Shells, probably in the next night or two.  
The project started is some funness, just for me lol.  I love Christmas it is my favorite time of the year, I love the celebration of life, I love gift making and giving, I love having the family in once place (Christmas is the only time this happens).  Kids running everywhere laughing, wrapping paper all over the house, the Christmas Lunch with the naughty foods that I only make at Christmas (Trifle I am talking to you!)  So funnily enough I am making a Christmas based toy. 
A Snowman, but not just any snowman, A donut snowman from Jean Greenhowe’s new book 
Donut Delights.  I have made the body and arms, and I am onto the hat, I am hiding this from the LP or she will claim him.  I know her all too well!  I want to decorate the tree this year and hide a few little Christmassy Peoples in the tree.
Christmas is not very far away now, and I have a lot of things that I want to make this year, so I had better crack on.  Have a great week.

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  1. Wow ! Chantelle you are flying ! Amazing top ! and cardi 🙂 my face lit up as soon as I saw the litle snowman : your tree is going the be THE cutest ! 😉 big hugs! Charly

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