New Toy!

I was going to have a little story here, but decided to just go with….LOOK AT MY NEW TOY!!!

I was a very lucky girl and got these babies for my birthday, from my husband and daughter…. for some reason husband has been VERY nice….. I don’t think  it has anything to do with the fact the I am now ARMED!!!  These babies are the small wool comb fine headset from Australian made fibre products… my wishlist from their shop is nearly as long as their inventory list.

So my gorgeous weapon…….I mean fibre processing tools are awesome and I am seriously hooked on combing like this…. it can turn gorgeous mohair locks like these (thank you Nat from Namaste Farms)

into this

and with some gentle drafting straight from the combs
I get these!

Gorgeous little clouds of ready to spin soft goodness! Oh I can’t wait til I spin them!

They are currently living here on my desk, next to my printer so I can keep looking at them, hubby has asked the I put the combs away…..

Other than combing these babies, this week I got my first hint for the Laura Nelkin Trapeze Mystery Shawl, so I have been busily getting through the first clue, so that I am ready when the next clue comes….just noticed that the next clue comes tomorrow…. I better finish off clue on TODAY!

I am also working away on the socks for hubby, and the cough… other 2 shawls I have cast on and not finished yet…. I mean who really only has 1 project at a time….. not me that is for sure lol.

Lots to do Lots to do…. pipeline gurgling….

Have a great day!

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