Oh What a Month and we are only a week in!!

I have much excitement to share!!!  I bought a dress that is right a dress and matching shoes, and what pray tell is the reason for this unusual event.  My DH’s work Christmas party, it is themed Carnival, I can’t pull of a trapeze artist or one of those chics that stand on the horses.  I am going as the Bearded Lady, in my gorgeous new frock and big shoes and the Instant Beard available on Ravelry!

I also have the Jenny King Designs work party! Which is gonna rock, I have a night away hanging with the girls drinking wine, and I am sure that at some stage there will be crocheting, we are not addicts.  We can too put down our hooks, we just don’t want to. 
Then next week I am winging my way to Ixchelbunny Farm for a nice few days away from the family, having a little holiday, there will be much bunny patting and grooming going on.  And there will be hanging out, wine drinking and possibly some crochet.  Do you see a theme here.  I don’t have a problem with drinking and crocheting, I may have to pull out a few rows and change some design features, that,s right features.  Not drunken mistakes! 
What have I been working on? Well I am in the process of finishing of the Diamante Poncho by the delightful Jenny King herself.
except I am making mine in this
It is Filatura Di Crosa Brilla in Grape Jelly, I can’t wait to wear it!!! I only have about  10 more rows and sewing up to do, I may even get to wear it out Friday Night!!
Well I have procrast…..blogged enough for this week, better get back to work. And you had better too.
Have a great week

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