2012……what happened to 2011!!!!!!!

Wow, it has been one of ‘those’ years, that just disappear, well that is not fair!  My life since we last chatted has been a bit mental.

I crashed the Friday Girls Christmas lunch at Jenny King Designs, and then all of us Jenny King workers had our own Chrstmas get together, a gorgeous dinner across the road from the surf beach, followed by drinks and hanging out at Jenny’s place.  It was just a fantastic night all round.  Next night was my husbands work party, and I did my bearded lady thing.  Can you believe that out of 1400 people and a circus theme, I was the only female beaded lady, there was a man,  but how can that count, I mean really??????

I decided on short notice to have a little holiday, which was the best thing I could have done I think.

I had a fantastic time with Charly of Ixhelbunny fame!!  Met up with the lovely spinners at the Spin and Eat at Linlydale.  Also managed to slip in a Spin In.  I had some much fun just hanging out and Chillin’ patting bunnies (which are illegal to keep as pets in Queensland). 5 days away of quiet.  Who can ask for more? Now I kid you not, if you can manage to get to Charly’s for one of her spin in’s you have to do it, there are bunny’s to pat and lovely people to chat to, I met some seriously awesome people!  And you don’t have to spin, you can knit or even just chat and drink coffee!!!

I got home from my 5 days away and my Little Person was very happy to see me as was my DH.  It was very  nice.  My Little Person and I had one last chance to visit Jenny King Designs before they closed for Christmas, and LP found something instore that she just couldn’t live without!!!  The Aliyah, the one I will make will be pink and orange my LP’s to current fav colours!

While I was there, I got a task, keep an eye out, and I will eventually get some pics up!! And talk more about it, but for now it is a bit secret squirrel!  Oh and I might just have to make me one of these too

The Eclectic Necklace

We had Christmas with DH’s family (2 hours south) then Boxing Day with my family (2 hours North West)  and then we have had some time at home.  We have not been lazing about relaxing oh no,  DH has been attacking the yard work that has piled up over the last year or so. It has been amazing,  LP and I now have vege patches and herb gardens!

I know this year has been one of many changes for our family, I hope that 2012 can be generous to you all,  I hope that we all get just a little bit more time to do the things we love, not just the things that need to be done. I hope that we all just get our fiber on!

Good Bye 2011, Hello 2012

Hapy News Years!!!

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