Socks Are DONE!!

This is one thing to tick of my must do list. Completed, ends tied in, ready to wash and wear. DH seems happy with, I think he is just glad that there are 2 of them. Like lots of other people, it is easy to not want to get the 2nd sock done. As these were done in worsted weight they were finished a lot quicker than I expected.

I was gifted some lovely patonyle in Bue for Christmas in July. My treat once I have completed my must do’s is to cast on socks for me.

The socks is not all I have done, I have also finished another couple of sqaures for my Cable and Lace throw, there will be no sneeky pics for this one, but I will get shots up once it is all finished.

How are you going on your WIP list? Is it bigger than Ben Hur?

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