Spindling Silk Noil & Silk Noil Special!!

There has been some chatter of late about Silk Noil and support spindling, I had not thought to put the 2 together.  So then I did!   What happened next shocks even me! Rather that just write about it, I decided to FILM IT!!! What was I thinking! LOL.. I am all for spur of the moment! I got a camera… a spindle.. and some fluff what more do I need for a short vid chat about these cool things, I think what I really needed was 3 HANDS!! But I persevered… and I have a little demo of me… spindling… silk noil! I have given my self some notes after watching.. next time I will write a script.. or at least have some bullet points for me to follow!

What I failed to mention in this first ever video of mine, is that I am using a Lair of the Bearded Dragon, Turquoise Stone filled Tibetan spindle, also my bowl is from Lair of the Bearded dragon!

Oh And…

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#”]Mulberry Silk Noil in natural is $5 per 50g![/typography]  limited stock!





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