Birthday Week

Well this week is Fiberific’s 3rd Birthday! I know it is so hard to believe! I have been planning all the fun we are going to have on Saturday for our Spin in Being held at my home.  Details are on the Facebook Group! Birthday Event.  In celebration I will be giving away a hamper of over $200 worth of goodies to a lucky door winner on the day!

Other news just in.. call me Fiona Bruce..

I have some delicious blends now available, currently the are all au naturel.  They are beautiful in the natural form.  I have limited stock so first in and all that. You can find all my beauties on here!

If I don’t see you at mine on Saturday, I might see you at the next Camp, for me it will be the Gympie Fibre Retreat 2-4 October 2015

Well it is late, and I best be off to bed!



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