Spring Cleaning!

I am not a Spring Cleaning kind of person, but Spring Re-organisation, I can do!

I took some measurements of my work room, drew out a schematic fairly close to scale and then sat on the Ikea website to work out what I wanted, I then drew out the footprints of the pieces I wanted cut them out, and played furniture tetris! It was a lot of fun.  A few days later I jumped in my brum with my trusty ikea lovin’ buddy and we went and played furniture tetris in the car!! It was way too much fun!

Tucked in here we have 2 Bookshelves, (the smaller one was my Ikea elfs), 3 tables, a set of bucket drawers and the buckets (for DD7’s room), also a parsley plant…..I have nothing to say about the Ikea chocolate that may or may not have come home with us.

And now for the newly improved work room!!! Drum roll please!!!!

I know I know, not the greatest pics, but look, you can see the desk space!! Aaaaahhhh work space how I love thee!!

Um that was a bit too weird wasn’t it…. I am not showing you the before shots, but lets just say, WORLDS apart!… I think I would like a couple of shelves on the walls, get the painting my Dad did back up.  I am well chuffed with how the room has come out!

Anyways its Spring, and spring has sprung into my garden and my green thumbs have been tingling!! So while it is nice and warm and not too hot I have been playing outside… DD7 and I planted some beans about 10 days ago, and they have shot off like rockets!!  What DD doesn’t know is these are not all green beans, 2 are green the rest are purple and yellow!!!

We even have some flowers on the Strawberries! I have to confess, I can grow lots of different things, but I am RUBBISH at growing strawberries, much to DD7’s disgust. So flowers is a good sign for us!

Oh Look! Ikea Parsley is still alive!!! I am getting it used to Sunshine! and I will plant him out on the weekend!

 We have been having so much fun in the yard, cleaning up the gardens, I have some potatoes to plant for the first time, have been given lots of advice, it is go time! Yay, just need some manure supplies to get that one off and racing!

Anyway back out of the garden, the posty came today with a book I had ordered a while ago, I have been waiting with baited breath, I thought it would never come!  But it is here, and I have some stash yarns that are going to turn into some of the wonders from this book!

SO much to read, I got both my Interweave Crochet and Interweave Spin-Off Yesterday and now this one today!  What can a girl do, I will be forced to sit back with a cuppa and have a read…..

Catch you next time!!

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning!”

  1. Your craft room looks amazeballs!!! I wish I had an extra room in the apartment somewhere… maybe the back room is about to be repurposed!

    I’m so jealous of your garden. I tried this spring. Started a bunch of herbs by seed in the house, but the second I moved them outside, the neighbour’s cat did them in. Argh. Some day I will have my own yard with no neighboury type pets to come ruin things.

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