Knit Knit Knit… shop.

This week has been full of much knitting and crocheting. Trying desperately to finish Dh’s jumper in time for fathers day turned into a HUGE fail.  I came across a missing element in the pattern, only to find out the jumper version, did not have set in sleeves, but drop shoulders AAARRRGGGHHHHH rip rip rip rip, I had completed a V-neck front and the back, so rip rip rip.  Needless to say that in 2 days I could not re crochet the front and the back and have a go at the sleeves.  So luckily DD had some gorgeous pressies that she had made and  bought at the fathers day stall at school. Phew! is it bad that I was saved by a 7 year old?

Well onto things a little less traumatising.  On Saturday after the Qld Spinners AGM I hit some shops with a great buddy!  And we went and had a play in Tangled Yarns at Newstead, I have not ventured into Tangled Yarns since the open day 3 or 4 years ago.  Hello online ordering! But I needed inspiration and to pat things, and that can only be done in person!  I am planning a couple of little pressies for DD7’s teacher who is going to pop out 2 teeny little girls pretty soon. So after some awesome help from Kelly at Tangled Yarns I have picked up gorgeous Cascade Superwash Sport in Red and Purple…. to make the twinnies a little Boheme by Allegra Wermuth and some Tiny Shoes from Ysolda Teague

So I have cast on yet another project!! Go Me!! Hiding in my sacks of awesome are awesome things!!

Firstly I have my first of the Boheme’s

Now, before I reveal what is in the second sack of awesome, I should mention, that while at Tangled Yarns I spotted something I have been eyeing off for quite some time.  Something that I NEEDED… that’s right not wanted, NEEDED.


oh they are the most divine of the knitting needles, if someone tells you that all needles are the same, find something… preferably a DPN and poke them in the eye…well don’t do that.. it might hurt them.  And we don’t want to give knitters a bad name. But you tell them you would like to poke them in they eye!….  I got in  my car with my super purchases and drove home at lightening speed (read speed limit) and opened the package of Uberness and behold


I have already got the 3.5mm in a project…. and segue into the next sack of awesome

It is my mystery KAL the Trapeze!!! now on Addi Click Long lace tips!! Yay… there has been a slight change of plans on the KAL I found a new bead shop… about a 4 minute drive from my house!!! BRILLIANT place, excellent service…. you need to go there.. or at least look at their website…My Little Bead Shop.  So new beads, new beads, new beads… gotta have them, and I wasn’t really all that happy with what I had from the other place… so

what do you think????

Anyways, I have heaps of knitting to do, and possibly even some crochet…cough cough…must get jumper done… but baby things and lace…do the JUMPER!! 8-( Okay… this is the deal, do some baby things or lace til lunchtime…then do the jumper….hmmmm.

Have a great day, over the next few weeks there will be some big announcements and pictures and parcels oooohhhh squee!!

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