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Happy 3rd Birthday Fiberific.com.au

And what can we do on such a celebration!! Free Post and a Fiberific Yanga the Yarn Ninja Button for every order that is placed between the 19th and 25th of March 2018

Its been a strange 3 years here, while Fiberific has been running for 6 coming up to 7 years, I started this endeavour out offline.  I used social media but did all my sales in person on Facebook. I realised very quickly (3 years is quick right?) that I needed a better way to get these awesome products in your hands, so that I could spend time dyeing yarn and making blinglets, and videos… How much do you like the vids? I like them a lot…So I got some help in setting up, and just dove in head first… there have been some glitches and many a typo over these few years, but I think just maybe, I might be getting the knack of it.

This special week also signifies the very first Fiberific Yarn Club shipment.  I have worked very hard to make an awesome collection of goodies and I hope those that have subscribed to the Mystery Lace Club enjoy their forthcoming squishy mail.

Well its time for me to get on, don’t forget nab your free post and button!

The week that was.. not even over yet

Well this week has been full of fun and chaos! Trying to keep focused on your fibery job when it has been over 30 degrees C everyday is hard!

Monday, I used the random generator thingy to choose the 2 winners for the wonderful Daenerys Shawl kits, The Daenerys shawl is one of those wonderful patterns that it looks harder than it is!! And you can sit and watch the world go by while knitting it. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting it up! If you want to make your own Daenerys shawl, click here to go the pattern on Dominique Trad’s Ravelry Page!  Then its time to record the video for Tuesday! I set everything up, takes a good hour or so.. get my YouTube face on, and sit in my chair.. just as I hit record, literally at that precise moment, my neighbour fires up his lawn mower, it is 10.30am and 30 degrees on a Monday, who does that.. so I can’t record.. its too loud and I have to wait.. without mussing up my hair or makeup… Finally he is done at 11.30 and I hit record!  Movie Magic is made and this is the result…


Fiberific! Episode #31 – In this video I discuss which spindles I think  are good for beginners, how to choose fluff, and a quick introduction to using your new spindle… I also share my favourite spindle makers!! Click the Pic if you want to watch it!

Tuesday is always a fun day of social media, hanging out checking my YouTube, Instagram and Facebook! Also it seems to be the day I get most housework done.. although it was another scorcher, and I did hang about in my house.. as I had been a big sook, and put the Aircon on.

Wednesday this week I had a special visitor! One of the people who took my Double Ended Crochet Class, I did while at the Majacraft Magic Camp in Roturua, New Zealand,  earlier in the year. We chatted about houses that are filled with fluff (mine looks like a yarn/ spinning store was loaded into a truck, backed into my house and then exploded) I wish I was joking. After my guest drove off into the heat, I got on with the business that is Thursday Quickies!! Its a video series, that I have started… I was only interrupted by the courier and that is OK!


Fiberific! Episode #32 – My Top 5 tips for using silk!   Thank you goes to Anke Verhave for asking the question!

If you have something you want me to do a quickie on, contact me support@fiberific.com.au

As usual these are just my tips, you may have others! You may not like my tips.. These tips are valid for knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving, at least a few of them anyway. Click the Pic if you want to watch it.

And then Thursday was a day filled with opening the Chiaogoo box up and holy dooley! When I decided to order some big stuff… it was not in my brain as big… like 25mm circular needle, they are HUGE!!! So if you need some big needles, or hooks, I small have a selection!

ChiaoGoo Flexible Hooks 32″ (80cm)

ChiaoGoo Bamboo 24″ (60cm) Fixed Circulars

ChiaoGoo Stainless Steel 40″ (100cm) Fixed Circulars

ChiaoGoo Bamboo Hooks


First Step towards the Horizon



That sounds dramatic doesn’t it.. too much? Maybe.. but then I am a bit of a drama llama.  Over the coming months there will be some changes happening at Fiberific!, nothing bad, nothing too scary, at least for you guys.. But the first thing is, I will be increasing my YouTube uploads to twice per week, Tutorial Tuesdays, and all the other bits in on Thursdays… I will be monitoring and tweaking how this goes, so there maybe movement.. I also planning a knit a long.. so keep your eyes peeled… in the mean time you can watch Today’s video on how we can all support our friends and local businesses without spending a cent 🙂 Clicking my picture will take you to the video or you can click here… https://youtu.be/HTCoJcBiofM





Hold onto your Crew Necks!!

Or whatever neckline is your pet peeve!!! Do you love a shirt, but just hate to wear it.. It doesn’t sit right, the neck is ugh…the sleeves are short…or long… well I felt this way about My Spiderman Muscle Tee.. I loved the motif.. the grey shirt.. but not the neck or the sleeves… want to see how I fixed it?? Check it out here or on YouTube…



What is going on!!!



Oh so nice of you to ask…snerk… Next week I will have my first ever stall at the Craft and Quilt Fair at Southbank (in Brisbane) It runs from October 5 to October 9! I will be at stall J06! You should absolutely come and say Hi!

Now while I am out living life large at Southbank, I will not be able to ship orders. But I am going to try something a bit different and just block sales on the things I will be taking with me.. So I will block all yarn, fibre and Chiaogoo, but everything else will be fine.. I hope.. 😉 Just take a few days longer to ship out..

Now for those of you going to the Craft and Quilt fair I have added in a temporary Free Post Collect at the Fair option to shipping! So if you want say Nancy’s knit knack yarn meter.. but you will be at the show.. I can bring it! And you can come and collect it!  Or if you order this week and collect it at the show.. we can do that too!!! If you let me know what day you will be coming to the fair that would be super helpful too!!

See you there!!!

What tools do you use? Or recommend for beginners?

Todays video is all about what tools to avoid when you are a noob, or just beginning or teaching beginners… Don’t forget to Subscribe so you don’t miss any videos, and may get picked for a present!

Fiberific Ep # 23 Lets Chat: Tools for Noobs