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Fiberific Face-lift!

Hey Everyone

Over the last few years my little Green Logo and yarnified solar system has been the centre point of our communication and advertising, as a good logo should. Due to many things, not least of all how difficult it is to print, I have decided an overhaul of the Fiberific Logo was needed.

As I am very small business, I cannot just throw things in the bin, so I will slowly be rolling out the new Blurple Yarn Ball Logo, so I have a thing for combining words.

The business itself and I, will remain the same.  I will continue to source quality crafting tools and supplies.  I will also be continueing to add new fun things for us to do together like Knit a Longs & Crochet A longs, over on the Youtube channel and the Fiberific Fun Zone on Facebook.

Lets kick 2018 off with Fiberifc’s first yarn club, The Mystery Lace club, more information will be out very shortly for you. But just so you know, the Mystery Lace Club, will involve lace 🙂

Knee Surgery, means no driving

So tomorrow is they day… December 1.  I am going in for some minor knee surgery, which unfortunately means no driving for about a week.   I will be reliant on family to drop me into the office to pack orders… I am sorry to say, I can’t see me posting every day for about a week.. I am hoping to get in maybe 2 or 3 out of 5 possible days, so if you pop in an order over the next week or so it might be delayed a few day  from the usual outgoing mail. I am sorry to do this, but its the best of the options available. I hope you understand.


PS I hope you are all enjoying your discount codes! I am having fun coming up with them… one a week til Christmas, its my gift to all of you for supporting me over the years!

Majacrafts 21st Year Anniversary Deals

Majacraft and the Poads are celebrating their 21st Anniversary!  And do they know how to party?


Majacraft are offering a Special Gift with every Majacraft Spinning Wheel order made between 20 Sept to 20 Dec 2017

With your wheel purchase you will receive:

  • With all wheels (except the Aura)
    • The brand new Majacraft Niddy Noddy:
    • 2 Special Edition 21st Celebration Lilac Bobbins
  • With your Aura order:
    • The brand new Majacraft Niddy Noddy
    • The Majacraft Stylus kit (stylus attachment and 1 bobbin)

This special offer is available on all spinning wheel orders made between 20 Sept to 20 Dec 2017. If you have been thinking about treating yourself and your fibre to a wonderful new wheel, this is a great time to make your order and pick up some extra goodies!

Do you want in on the goodies? Well they are available for individual purchase too!

The Anniversary bobbins in Lilac are available here

And the Majacraft 1.5m Rimu Niddy Noddy is available here



Shipping Internationally !!

So, I have been asked a lot if I ship internationally the short answer is YES!

When I built this site, I didn’t really think out the whole international thing, and the API for Auspost on the whole woocommerce thing is not great, so I can do it manually. If you are in a country outside of the Australia or New Zealand, send me an email to listing out what you want, and your address, I will get back to you ASAP, with a postage quote, and then if you agree to it I will send you a paypal invoice, and post out your goodies. To get a rough idea here are some of Australia Posts, international shipping costs.

United States up to 500g

Tracked $23.72, Economy Air (not tracked,no insurance, not replaceable if lost) $15.85

There is also the possibilty (depending on what you are buying ) that your items can fit into a large envelope that can be posted economy Air (up to 250g) for $8

United Kingdom up to 500g

Tracked $28.32, Economy Air (not tracked,no insurance, not replaceable if lost) $20.46

Large Letter Economy Air (up to 250g) $8.00


I hope this helps answer some questions for you all 😉

Post Bendigo, sickness and delays.

I am not sure if you caught my little live streams that I did while I was at the Australian Sheep and Wool show, it was cold on the Sunday, and I was being very naughty,

I had a lot of fun at Bendigo, It was wonderful meeting so many of you! Putting real human faces to names and handles was awesome!

I want give a huge shoutout to Emma, who is my every trusty side kick at the Sheep and wool show, she keeps me fed and coffeed (she doesn’t spit in every cup).  She keeps me sane, but encouraging my insanity.  We laugh so much that it doesn’t feel like work.

My 2 day drive home was uneventful, just how I like it!

After getting home and finding my daughter sick, I had to slow my plans down a little, mum duties do come first, especially when the girl is sick.  I worked at getting my website updated and reopened.  And got the first round of reordering done, then promptly went downhill.

My dear daughter had shared her cold with me.  So we both had colds, then we both had the flu.  And you know how that goes, fevers, chills, and all that jazz.  I am sorry to say that everything took a backseat. I was laid up in bed for what felt like MONTHs, even though in reality I know it was more like 10 days. But in that 10 days No orders were sent, or made.  So I am behind. Really really behind.  But I am on the mend now, so today, I am aiming to start working on the backlog.  Orders out are my priority.  For those of you patiently waiting, I appreciate you patience and I will be adding in a little thank you for your forbearance.

I will be updating over the next few days as I catch up on things and reschedule things.

Thanks for your understanding guys


Bendigo Pick up Shipping option Enabled!

Order Now, Pick up at Bendigo!!!!

Guess what! Bendigo is nearly upon us!

*Small fluttering of the heart*

I have created a shipping option for those of you wanting to make sure you don’t miss out on or don’t forget something you REALLY WANT at Bendigo.  This is only for instock items only!  Make sure you bring some ID, or let me know in the order notes who to expect to pick up your order 😉

How do you use it?

Just place your order like usual and at the last screen where you choose you shipping option, there is a Free Pickup Bendigo – Flower Shed, Woolcraft Area…. click that, double check no postage was applied and See you in a couple of weeks!!!!

War of the Gauges!

Fiberific Ep # 57 I answer the question, Why don’t all knitting needle and crochet hook gauges work for all Crochet hooks? I talk hook construction, anatomy of a hook, and the different types of hook and needle gauges, and finally what I think about this whole debate, and which one to buy!

To continue the fun come and join the Fiberific Fun Zone group on Facebook!
To get one of Niki’s Gorgeous Hook and Needle gauges go here
To get one of the Lacis Slide On knitting and crochet gauges go here – purchases made using this link help this channel!


Click to pic to go to the video!