Ummm, Is it bad that I completely forgot to blog?

It is?………….oh fiddlesticks!

Well I have good excuses, well….I think they are good.  My little person only went back to School this week, which for me was Wonderful, I think she is happy to be back too.  I have been trying to keep her occupied for the last 8 weeks thats right 8 weeks holidays, that is too many days to be at home, and in 10 weeks time she has another 2.5 weeks off….. So standard holiday stuff, plus she has been knitting a scarf from some roving wool a friend gave her, and also working on her french knitting as she is going to use it to cover a headband, even at 6 she has more than 1 wip lol.

I have been getting into my garden again, anyone who has been here, knows that even getting near the garden is a feat…. it has been a tad neglected for a while and I am trying to remedy that, and the Little person and I have been growing some herbs flowers and our cucumbers are about to flower.

And Crochet, I have been crocheting up a storm!  I realised my Mum’s birthday is next week so I thought I had best get a wriggle on lol. ( I can’t give away any hints, because my Mum reads my blog, but after, I promise pics)

I am still working on my Ned Kelly Socks…. CHARLY, no pressure indeed! Knitting my personal projects does get back seated a bit, and then sometimes I just forget and start something else.hehhe..

Look see, I am still going on them, after the heartache of having to put out the needles and pull back nearly 15 rows on 2 socks then get the needles back in… I needed a rest from the heart ache, but I think I am back where I was before the trashing.

I have also reclaimed my love for the Audio book, while I am working away, I have been listening to the Dragonriders of Pern, so far I have finished one book and am neeearly finished another one.  That and Words with Friends on my phone.. I know bad huh, I LOOOOVE IT!! I loose a lot, but I don’t mind, it is heaps of fun!  There is also photographic evidence (thank you sneaky little person photographer) of me crocheting away in the recliner….watching Deep Space Nine.  I know tragic, and guess what, just for that, no pic for you! Ha…..don’t feel bad, I was never gonna put that one up! Oh no.

I even got some spinning done, I know shock horror.  My plan as of this week is to blog every Thursday, thats right every single Thursday.

I turned this

Into This

I have lots of plans at the moment, I am having some serious fun with some commission work, so I will keep on with that, but also this week, I am putting the studio back into working order, you know so that you can walk all the way in, not just to the doorway.  Maybe by Thursday I will have a picture that I am willing to share with the world. There will be NO before shots…just so you know.  Yes it is that bad. No it is, just trust me.

Well if all goes to plan, I will have a lot more to share on Thursday.

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  1. lol ..yeah I know no pressure what soever !!! lol LOVEthe photo of the half finished Ned Kelly socks!!!! especially with the Ned Kelly Bunny head watching over it ! so cool ! Love it too that even a 6 yr old has more than 1 WIP!you have to start them early on multitasking…rofl Love the blog Chantelle <3

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