The UFO’s are taking Over

Arrrgggghhhhhh!!! I have working on lots of bits and bobs of late, and keep back burnering all my personal projects.  My excuse and I am sticking to it.  Nothing what so ever to do with the fact that I get new yarn and absolutely MUST cast on or start crocheting!

I feel that I must be accountable for my Works in Progress or UnFinished Objects.  So in no particular order they are…drum roll please…………..dadadadadadadadadada

Tims socks aka Charlene Schurch’s Baby Cable Rib

Cream Cardigan aka Jenny King’s Blue Wrap Cardigan

Purple Poncho aka Jenny King’s Diamonte Poncho

Space Invaders Beanie Aka Catherine Paul’s Invading Your Earspace

Lovers knots Wrap  I have no pattern for this one, but I have made it before, so this how it should look…..

Green Peppercorn in Bamboo Soft  Jenny King’s Peppercorn

CrystalRose’s Koi Gardens Shawlette

Weaving, oh dear the weaving, it should really go to the top of the list, I borrowed the loom from a saint 18months ago!! And I still haven’t finished, it is not even a hard project, a couple of tea towels it just always seems to get pushed to the back of the pile.

Oh and Tims Saranac Jumper, this jumper honestly has been a very long time in the making, actually the knitting I have done only took a few weeks, but then it has been hibernating for 2 years, I wonder if if will still fit him? Hmmm.

I don’t want to look for more projects any more… I know they are lurking in bags and crates around my house, they peer out and look at me, I shudder and they creep back and wait in the darkness for the moment that I wake them, finish them and take photos and blog about them, then they are happy there is no more lurking….. Until I notice them lurking in my wardrobe waiting to be worn and brought into the light again…the Lurking Cycle…ooooooo…

Then there is the queue, I am not going into what is queued up waiting to be started but Abbie wants me to make her an Aliyah we have even bought the yarn.  It is taking all of my strength not to start it until I have finished off a couple of the others!!!

Hmmmm.  Now I have a bit of a favourite pattern it is the Mooloolaba Shells by Jenny King, I love this top and I think everyone needs one, so I will be starting a Crochet A Long for it, any of you who have been wanting to make this top, NOW IS THE TIME!!! We can all do it together!  Come and give a shout out at

Mooloolaba Shells Cal on Ravelry .

Well I spose I had better go an work on 1 or 10 of my UFO’s before they breed more.

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