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Let the Snaffling Begin!

I have been on a crazy journey to Bendigo and Back again.. I do this at record speed, at least my record speed. 2 days down, 4 days in Bendigo 3 days up. (I need more rest breaks on the way home) Bendigo Sheep and wool show is a maelstrom of colour and sound. So many wonderful artists and farmers to chat to! So many amazing things to see. While in Bendigo I get to stay with some of my Best buds, and we are very naughty and chat til wee hours and laugh until we are hoarse. I love my regular jaunt to Bendigo.. I get to put so many faces to names and get to catch up with people I only get to see once per year! Which is not nearly enough let me tell you! Due to the wonderful response I received in Bendigo, there are some serious gaps in the stock online. I will be ordering in and replenishing over the coming weeks!

While I was away I had my shopping cart for the website all tucked up and locked away so as not to have any horror stories of double selling the same hand dyed yarn… I don’t want to even think about it.. As I was driving home and thinking about the massive update and then progressed onto the nightmare which has been the postage calculator I have come to a decision. I am going to trial am $8 Flat Rate Shipping. This will be for Australia Only. The orders over $200 will still receive their free shipping. I will trial this for 3 months to give it a good run. I will leave in the option to upgrade to express postage. This has been enabled as of NOW!

I do really appreciate those of you who have emailed or called to let me know the system was being RUDE about postage. And allowed me the time to get it right for their orders. I am hoping this will be a little more set and forget in relation to the postage.

Anyway I am off to drink Hot Chocolate and get some socks on my cold toes.. Check out the Flat rate, let me know what you think 😉

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