It is nearly time to go back…

In this part of the world, school kids are on their 6-8 weeks (depends on school) Summer/Christmas Holidays.  It is nearly time to go back to school. DD is quite confused on how she feels about this, one minute she is as excited as she can be to see her friends and play etc and then the next minute she is sad because it means no more staying home with me, or movies at night or any of the other fun things she has been doing these holidays.  I have to confess that DD has become a Fiberific Dobby. She loves to help, so why wouldn’t I let her… really.. you can’t deny people if they really want to help… She really loves the beads and helping pick new ones to make the stitch markers with.  And she is DA BOMB at sorting colours into packets for the Lockable stitch markers…DD is out today having way too much fun I am sure… But I think she will be very happy to see that we have been restocked with out coloured lockable stitch markers!!! SO lots of sorting fun for her!

Lockable Stitch Markers 20 for $3 (mixed colours)  plus postage.
And because I am completely obsessed with Stitch Markers, and DD loves to help me shop for new idea’s, we have some new styles!
The Icecream Gang! 
5 Markers $10 plus postage.
these guys are made of a lightweight resin.
Tea All Round. 
5 Markers $10 plus postage.
Love Bots.
5 Markers $10 plus postage.
4 Markers $10 plus postage.
All of the markers have 10mm rings, but I would not recommend using them for projects with needles much larger than about 8mm.
Now for those of you who read last weeks blog about the Cormo Shetland wool that I was playing with using my new Pixie Claws…. well here it is all spun up.. Still haven’t dyed it as yet, but I am getting there!
I am very happy with how it has come out!!!
If you would like to order from today’s blog or any of the past blogs, please email me at
Next week I will have more new Stitch Markers and some date savers for your 2013 calendar!

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