As you can see I am a little excited!  At the last minute I was informed that there was room for me at the Warwick Spinner and Weavers Group Annual Camp! I love camps! And I will be taking my shop with lots of Goodies! 8th to 10th March 2013.

Also the Amazing Charly of Ixchelbunny fame is off to the Famous Bothwell Spin in, in Bothwell Tasmania March 1st to Sunday March 3rd, and Charly is Awesome and even more so that usual because along with her amazing puffs and floofs, she is also taking Fiberific Stitch markers, Chiao Goo Needles sets and Nostepinne, and Also some of the new Nancy’s Knit Knack toys!!

Now I am very very sorry about the lack of bloginess of the last few weeks.  We have been sick and getting back to school.  But I am nearly all better, but good enough to take some pics and have a chat!

My very first Nancy’s Knit Knacks order arrived! Again EXITEMENT!!  They make some awesome spinning and knitting tools.  But one that I love to bits is their Handy Andy Plying tool.. Have you tried andean plying (or blue finger ply as I like to call it) well this tool takes the blue finger out of the equation, also makes it that you can easily take a break from plying.. you are not attached to your wheel with an andean bracelet!!

HANDY ANDY PLYING TOOL $50 plus $6.95 shipping

Each unit is handcrafted in the USA from Maple hardwood and Birch hardwood dowels. It comes packed in a custom designed denim carry sack. A special finish is applied.  There are some awesome video’s on you tube of people using their Handy Andy’s!  This one is probably my favourite! it really clearly shows you how to use it! I love video’s like this one!

Now While the Handy Andy is currently my favourite tool in the world… I have a few other Nancy’s Knit Knacks that have come into stock.

Yarn Meter $50 plus $6.95 shipping

Nancy’s Knit Knacks have developed and affordable and highly functional meter assembly for measuring yarn. This unit is made from American Birch and/or Maple Hardwoods.  The unit measures in feet,  so we will need to do a little converting.
Here are some system highlights (copied from Nancy’s Knit Knacks)
  • Yarn weights – the system will handle most yarn weights. It will even work with certain ribbon yarns.
  • The clamping system allows the unit to be attached to a table, spinning wheel, loom, or other surface. The Clamp mounting hole is off-center which allows you to reverse the meter position if there is interference on your table surface. The clamp can be removed and inserted into the other side to rotate the yarn guide slot to the opposite side. The system is completely flexible. It will fit table thicknesses from 1/2″ to 1-3/4″ (it will even fit 2″ thick tables if you remove the vinyl feet from the bottom of the meter). 
  • It utilizes a cost efficient meter that measures lengths in feet as opposed to yards. The meter can be removed for storage during transit and can be easily and inexpensively replaced if necessary. Meter measures to 999 and then continues from 000 again. The meter has a handy reset button.
  • An innovative wooden guide system for guiding the yarn through the assembly. This design replaces the traditional “curly Q” metal parts typically used on yarn equipment. You simply slide the yarn down through the slot into the main hole. If the yarn happens to “find” the slot while operating and starts to pull out, simply remove the yarn and rotate the assembly 180° and the problem disappears. We have carefully designed the posts to provide the optimal number of directions that the yarn can enter and exit without any interference. You can pull the yarn down, up, or sideways as it exits the meter without any problems. All holes are chamfered to prevent damage to your yarn.
  • Ribbon Yarn Handling – the system significantly eliminates the ribbon yarn twisting problem provided that the meter is used while knitting (please note that we do not recommend that you rely on the yardage measurement that is created when using the meter in this manner). It does this be “capturing” the vast majority of yarn twist on the “yarn supply” side of the meter assembly which results in a significant reduction in the amount of yarn twist that occurs on the “knitter” side of the meter assembly.
  • When packing up, both the clamp and the meter are attached to the mounting dowel and tightened and all of the parts are then secure and tight.
  • Measures 6″ long by 2″ wide and 3-1/4″ high. Clamp block is made of a non-marring plastic. Vinyl mounting pads are mounted on the underside of the wooden base.

Wraps Per Inch (WPI) Tool $10.00 plus $6.95 shipping

This tool is made from birch hardwood, laser etched markings up the 3 inches so that you can get a more accurate average, and includes the WPI knit card with instructions ind info for 6 weights of yarn.
DP Wip Tubes $7.50 plus $6.95 shipping (includes 2 WIP tubes and a free DP Tube)

Wip Tubes are made of strong, rigid leatherette look embossed acid free paper, telescopic tubes with closed ends. Their 5/8″ inside diameter is wide enough to hold your needles and your knitted project.  The tubes can extend to hold 5″ to 10″ long needles. They will protect both your needles and your stitches!!

Events I will be at!!

Warwick Spinners and Weavers 39th Annual Camp 
8-10 March 2013
As this is a new venue for the Warwick spinners camp, and they have been awesome to fit me in, I will be only taking the SpinOlutin Hopper and a HitchHiker Wheel,but there will be plenty of room for Ixchelbunny Fibres and Yarns, ChiaoGoo Knitting Needles, crochet hooks and nostepinne, Nancy’s Knit Knacks and Fiberific! Stitchmarkers!
Gold Coast & Hinterland Spinners and Weavers Group 16th Social Weekend
12-14 April 2013
Camp Bornhoffen.  I believe there are still spaces available so if you would like to join me here contact Deborah Reeve on 0406 008 752 for information and a camp form.
Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show
19-21 July 2013
More details as to where exactly my stall will be to come. But I will make sure that I have all my wheels for you to have a go on, and lots of cool tools to have a looks at! 
If you would like to order anything from this weeks blog or previous blogs , you can contact me on
chantelle at fiberific dot com dot au.  Or PM me on facebook!

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