What an amazing camp!

Hi everyone, so sorry for the complete non events that have been the last months blogs.. if you are looking for info and can’t find it here, try my facebook page, I post very regularly and you can message me and ask questions.  I have been trying to get all the blog photo’s up there too!

So what have I been doing, well….. SO much and have such a wonderful time doing it… lets go reverse order, I have just gotten home from attending the Warwick Spinners Camp.  So many wonderful people here.  So many skills all going at once, it was amazing. Now me being me completely forgot to take photo’s I get so swept up in the conversations and looking around that I am terrible when it comes to taking photo’s.  So Imagine this walk into a hall the first thing you notice is the hum of activity, people chatting spinning wheels whirring along, the first person that stands out is a gentleman sitting at a little table braiding the most gorgeous leather belts! I have never seem them made and so stopped and had a big old chat… if you know me, you will realise that I do that alot lol….I have come in a little late and need to find somewhere to put my chair and wheel to make my little Warwick Spinning Nest. I don’t really know many people here and I feel a bit like Forest Gump getting onto the school bus for the first time, except that I was welcomed straight away, a family of spinners had space for me to join their circle. Mum and her sister, and adult daughter..They made me feel like part of the family.  Such Awesome women.. and I could go on and on and on…   to sum it up, Warwick Spinners Camp AWESOME!!

Now, this is a bit of a catch up blog and there will be another on Friday, so I will just add in the ever growing list of events coming up…

Events I will be at!!

Gold Coast & Hinterland Spinners and Weavers Group 16th Social Weekend
12-14 April 2013
Camp Bornhoffen.  I believe there are still spaces available so if you would like to join me here contact Deborah Reeve on 0406 008 752 for information and a camp form.
Queensland Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists Open Day
25th May 2013
9am – 2pm
12 Payne Street, Auchenflower, Qld.
Maroon Dam Camp (Ipswich Spinners)
14-16 June 2013
Mapleton Camp (QSWFA)
12-14 July 2013
Camp forms available on the Qld Spinners website.
Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show
19-21 July 2013
More details as to where exactly my stall will be to come. But I will make sure that I have all my wheels for you to have a go on, and lots of cool tools to have a look at and buy
Highfields Spinners Camp
8-10 November 2013
If you would like to order anything from this weeks blog or previous blogs , you can contact me on
chantelle at fiberific dot com dot au.  Or PM me on facebook!

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