Only a few more days to go!!

Well we are on the downward run for back to school!!! DD is really Looking forward to catching up with everyone, a bit nervous about having a new teacher, but I think that is par for the course!

I have been busily making lots of stitch markers this week.  The wonderful IxchelBunny is off to Bothwell Spin In in Tasmania on the 1-3 of March 2013.  And why I tell you this other than the fact that Ixchelbunny is made completely of Awesome is that she will be packing up the Bunny truck and have a side car full of Fiberific Goodies to add to her stand.  I am the process of packing up and sending lots and lots of stitch markers, ChiaoGoo Spin and Twist Sets

Red Lace Twist Small set $85.00
The small set includes
2.75mm, 3.25mm, 3.5mm, 3.75mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm.
cables in 35cm, 55cm, 75cm
set includes cable connector, stitch markers, end stoppers, keys and a needle gauge.

Bamboo Spin Small Set $80
The small set includes
2.75mm, 3.25mm, 3.5mm, 3.75mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm.
cables in 35cm, 55cm, 75cm
set includes cable connector, stitch markers, end stoppers, keys and a needle gauge.

Nostepinne ($10) and maybe even a few other bits and bobs if they arrive here in time.

Ixchelbunny also has a HitchHiker Wheel, if you are really nice, she might let you have a test spin!!  If you have the opportunity to get to Bothwell it would be well worth the trip, I personally have not been, but would be completely envious to hear your stories and see your Pics!!!

If you can’t make it to Bothwell, like me, we won’t miss out there are still lots of things to be had here on the blog.

Hitchhiker Double Treadle with 3 bobbins and shipping $434

Some sets of the stitch markers are still available, although if you want the Love Bots , there is only 1 set left.

It has been a week in the wars here at Fiberific!  Somehow last week I damaged my knee, I don’t really know how it just doesn’t like me.. I had a week where I could barely walk so no spinning was done.. I am completely hanging out to do some spinning, only to remember last night that I own support spindles and could have been sitting with my leg propped up with a spindle in my lap, well I can laugh now.  My knee seemed to fix itself after I had a day floating about in a friends pool… So knee good, but now I am a lobster. A lobster who can spin!! Picture that.

While I couldn’t spin, I did get lots of knitting and crocheting done, finished a hat off for a friend who is moving to another part of the country I used the Ribbed Cap Pattern from One Skein Wonders 101 Yarn shop favourites.  I got all the right oohs’ aahhs’ which is all you really want when you make a hand made gift. And nearly finished off another hat in broomstick lace… No pic yet, will wait until it is done.  But I do have a pic of the handspun Cashmere Fling that I plan to use. The Peacock Lace beanie will be made with this..

The Boys over at SpinOlution have their big ‘Winter Sale” still on (the wheels come from the US).  I am not sure when this will finish so if you are thinking about The Ultimate Art Yarn Hopper Works Package for $1550.  I would get in sooner rather than later.  If you would like a test spin, please let me know.

The Ultimate Art Yarn Hopper Works Package for $1550.00 including shipping to Australia!.  
This includes:
  • Hopper Travel wheel with art yarn set up
  • 3 x 8oz  bobbins (225g)
  • additional tube orifice bar for 8oz flyer
  • Plus the Over sized Art Yarn Flyer (OSAY)
  • 4 x 32oz bobbins (910g)
  • additional tube orifice bar for OSAY Flyer
  • Plus an extra flyer head for easy change of flyer’s.
  • Skein Winder
  • Lazy Kate
  • and…an Extra Drive Band set
This total package would cost over $1950.00
How to Order:
Email me at chantelle at fiberific dot com dot au or message me on Facebook.  If you see anything from a previous blog that you like, let me know and I will see if I have any available of if I can reorder.
Website News!
DD will be back at school this week, which will mean I have no excuse not to work on the website. So keep an eye out for the announcement.
Well I should go and see what DD is doing, she is very quiet, and that just can’t be good.

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