Making up for Lost time.

It seems that sometimes life is a race. Or more correctly a series of races, some that happen one after another some that happen all at once, sometimes you don’t even realise that you are racing.  Until you look back and realise all that you have done.  Well that is what the last few months have felt like.  Not that this is bad, to be honest it is kind of exhilarating.  Like when you dream you are flying (at least I do lol).  Can you believe that today is Good Friday, I really can’t believe we are here already! I am normally that person that gets my Easter shopping out of the way months ago, eats half of the chocolately goodness and has to go and buy more.  But not the case this year, It wasn’t until last week that I realised Easter was this weekend.

I feel completely overwhelmed by the lovely emails that I have been getting lately asking if I will come to various camps and events, I am trying to fit in as many as I can, and I have some new ones to add to the Events section, so check it out at the end I might be somewhere nearby sometime soon!

Now, as some of you know Ixchelbunny has made some new blends and tweaked a couple of her old faithfuls.  Up til now, I haven’t had any in stock, but last week I got a box of complete awesomeness, and while I really do want to keep it all for myself, I  probably shouldn’t.  So today here on the blog I have available in limited numbers only a couple of the newy’s!  Keep an eye out on the Fiberific! Facebook Page as I will also put up a new blend or 2 up there over the coming weeks!

Pile of Awesome!!  Will be added in small doses, so as not to overdose you on awesome!

SO here we go!

Bunny Bison Bliss 50g $17 plus $6.60 postage 
Merino 17m 50%, Bison 15%, Angora 10%, Baby Camel 10%, Tencel 10%, Cashmere 5%
(certainly happy to combine shipping, you can have up to 500g for $6.60 postage)
Natural (undyed)
Magic Bunny 100g $25 plus $6.60 postage 
Merino 17m 60%, Glitz 25%, Cashmere 10%, Angora 5%
(certainly happy to combine shipping, you can have up to 500g for $6.60 postage)
Events I will be at!!
Gold Coast & Hinterland Spinners and Weavers Group 16th Social Weekend
12-14 April 2013
Camp Bornhoffen.  I believe there are still spaces available so if you would like to join me here contact Deborah Reeve on 0406 008 752 for information and a camp form.
Camp Pialba (Hervey Bay Spinners)
3-6th May 2013
Queensland Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists Open Day
25th May 2013
9am – 2pm
12 Payne Street, Auchenflower, Qld.
Maroon Dam Camp (Ipswich Spinners)
14-16 June 2013
Mapleton Camp (QSWFA)
12-14 July 2013
Camp forms available on the Qld Spinners website.
Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show
19-21 July 2013
UPDATE:  I am in the Flower shed with the Awesome Ixchelbunny! Come and find us!!!!
Highfields Spinners Camp
8-10 November 2013
If you would like to order anything from this weeks blog or previous blogs , you can contact me on
chantelle at fiberific dot com dot au.  Or PM me on facebook!

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