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Keep an Eye on the Sale! Tab

For sale items check out  Please note, there are limited sizes and quantities. Future orders will be at the full price.

I am slowly catching up on adding stock and dyeing yarn! Things are going a bit slower than planned as I spent a few days doing Easter Stuff with the Family then, last couple of days doing Birthday Things with the Little Miss.

I am gearing up for the Qld Spinners Open Day coming up on the new date of 7th May 2016! You should come and visit! I will be teaching a beginners crochet class too!

qld spinners open day 07052016




Wow, from one week to the next

Sitting here, trying to fix the shamozzle that is the postage for the website, and I have come to a realisation. I just can’t have everything I want. The plugin that gave me everything, didn’t work, so really it gave me nothing.  The new plugin that I thought would work and give me everything… works, but only on parcel post.  No letter sizes.  Just makes it so unfair for small orders that I could pop into an envelope.  Stamps foot.. full tanty time here. So for now, I am giving up.  What I will continue to do is, if something is small like Blinglets or a single set of needles, I will post in the least expensive way I can, and refund your paypal accounts.. I hate this but at the moment it is the best I can offer.

So not thinking about the evil postage debacle, Open Day Yesterday was brilliant.  I didn’t even get to take a picture, it was seriously a GO GO GO day. Caught up with old friends and made lots of new friends!  Taught a fantastic group of people for the Beginners Crochet Workshop, and I am hoping to see some gorgeous Chainy Cowls!

This week you will find me making lots of Blinglets, dyeing some Sunflower Sock yarn and then repacking the car to head on up to the Ipswich Historical Society Spinners and Weavers Camp and Maroon Dam!  I only take a selection of my goodies to this one, so if you have something you really want, send me a message and I will try to get it in!

I just can’t believe how busy this week and the next few will be, it won’t be long before I am heading off to Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show!  I am hoping to have some new surprises over the coming weeks.

My Crafting Goals so far….

I have a few wips (works in progress) on the needles and hooks. So my crafting goals mostly are to do with clearing out the old, so I can come in with the New!
1. Finish the Cable and Lace Throw, for my Crochet Workshop in April. If you are interested in coming to the workshop or any of the other workshops offered by Queensland Spinners Weavers and Fibre Artisit, Check out this link. Photo’s coming soon.
2. Tims Socks, which I started on the 2 Jan 2011 and got the first one done by the 3rd of Jan, now no heart attacks please, I am using worsted weight yarn, 10ply Luxury from Bendigo Woollen Mills, I am by no means a fast knitter.

3. Abbie’s version of the Shortie Sweater, an awesome pattern I am using Moda Vera Ballroom, a seriously sequiny yarn in hot pink, 5 year old girl special LOL. I only have to sew up 1 side and crochet the sleeves onto it, a nights work, but not quite high on the priorities list.
4. Finish Weaving my tea towels, my very first weaving project, my good friend Karen helped me to warp up at the Annual Spinners Camp back in July 2010, and I have not done much on it, but I want my tea towels, and I would love to return Karens Loom sometime this century. I am sure she would appreciate that too.
5. Finish Spinning the Optim so that I can ply it with some of the lovely Ixchelbunny Super Angorino fibre that I have already spun, so that I can free up some bobbins. I really think that 6 is not enough, I may have to purchase more…..